Making of the simplest Surface mount fixture for exposed ceilings

While i was working with Mr. Sudheer reddy ( Architect  - Kruthica Designs ) in Hyderabad, after delivering lighting for one of his project, we had a causal chat. He said some valid and important points about the lighting fixtures trend and expressed his concern in growing number of product companies coming into LED business, with out enough knowledge about consumer products. 

He was not happy with growing number of technicalities coming into consumer products and the fact that an ordinary customer might have  a hard time understanding beam angles, CRI and other technical Stuff and the most important part - that is how to handle a light failure, that is integrated with Fixture and a LED Driver ??? Should we depend on the Vendor ? Manufacturer  ? What if they show their back in providing the service post sales ? 

After all these questions, he had a simple solution - that is to move back to the conventional Type of Lamp sources in LED. Like a B22 Bulb, or a E27 Bulb or a MR16 LED Spot, which are not really dependent on vendor as they are ready off the shelf products in many companies. 

So, with these insights in mind, the Idea Started to be a simple one. Ar. Sudheer Reddy likes using no False Ceiling. All his lighting points ( most of them ) have to be surface mounted. So i thought, why no use a simple lamp source and create a simple surface light that is Good looking, Clean, economical and most important - Independent from any lamp manufacturer. I started looking around in my work lab and found out some interesting parts that i can start using. The Aluminium pipes. 


I planned to use them as my outer shells for the surface mounted lights that i wanted to design. but to make the product line more versatile, i have to include the basic caps that any light manufacturer will product a lamp to. They are B22, E27 and GU10. 

so with the basic tools in hand, i have decided to brain storm few ideas to start the design with. So with some browsing around in Architonic, i took some nice design references and then made few sketches and list of combinations that can be made with the pipes and holders that are off the shelf available in the market. 


Now the only component required to finish the basic shell design is the Holder plate. To Expidate the entire process of sample, i have just made a 3d print of the holder and its ready to be tested with a proper holder.

No that all the components are at hand and design concept in mind, i have assembled all necessary tools and started assembling my  simplest surface light, hoping that it looks decent and eye catchy as well. 

Once the assembly is complete, the bare product looks like this without respective holders. So based on the height of the holders, i have made two samples. One for E27 holder and another of a GU 10 Holder. Now All the holders as shown in the above image are ceramic and can resist high temperatures. So any lamp ( including halogen ) can be used in the final product.  One i installed the holders and put the respective bulbs, the product looked like this. 

I loved the way they look. Sleek, tiny and yet no compromise in the light engine. This is the simplest and the most economic form of a product that i was able to design with parts that were available on hand. Now the best part, i was thinking if we can use a Globe Light ( A big lamp - Mostly LED ) to see if this fixture can bring any decorative aspect to the space. And yes, it worked. I loved the way the Light fixture looks with a Globe Lamp. 


In the coming days, ill try putting this light for sale ( Without lamp - As lamps can be separately bought from your neighbourhood so that warranties can be easily addressed). 

Naming :  Since this product is made with minimal materials, I would call this series Minimal 50. 

Applications : Pendent, Surface - Indoor only. 

Price Range : Rs. 499.00 - Rs. 699.00