About betaLED

Back in the day when we started, LED Technology was expensive and almost unheard and not financially viable. What mattered the most to me was the form. Tiny and small, yet soo effective, Cool, Not so fragile, LED was a wonder. Such a tiny electronic component that can produce soo much light? Look at the possibility in designing products, which eliminated to the factors like bulkiness, large forms. illumination can go to the next level. And six years later in 2018, its what we thought. LED Tech is every where. We are glad to be where we are. We enjoyed this six year journey in developing products that are not only efficient, but also functional, aesthetically better and economically affordable. some key factors that keep us close to our clients heart are as below.

  • Brands : iGuzzini, Endo Lighting, Osram. Apart from the products that we manufacture, we represent the above international brands. We do this, to provide our clients with wide international spectrum of products that offer unmatched architectural lighting. 

  • Value Engineering : With a wide catalog of 5000+ products, we provide value to our client by selecting the right product for the right application, taking Aesthetic values, Economies and Functional applications with the right controls.  

  • Control systems integration : With a good knowledge about different control systems, we offer solutions that seamlessly integrate with various control systems. 

  • Installation & Maintenance :  With a team of qualified installers, we take up the project with installation and maintenance so that the work is seamless. 

Our philosophy is simple. 

  1. Designing a new product should solve an existing problem.  
  2. Components used should be easily available in the open market.
  3. Manufacturability always a priority 
  4. Easy maintenance and serviceability with low downtime.
  5. Environmentally and pocket friendly.
We may not be the greatest company in designing a product. Or we may not be a product designing company at all. We are a young company with entrepreneur mindset, making peoples lives easy by solving some important problems with the existing products in the markets. Soo far, we have designed over 40 products, each solving at least one problem in its field of application. We will continue to do so until we simplify all the lighting applications possible. 
With a wide range of products from our partnered companies, we offer a seamless solution carefully made just for you and your project.